About Me!

When I decided to specialize in pet photography (a long time ago!), there were only a few other people doing it and not a lot of resources out there to help improve my skilIs.  Now, it has absolutely exploded, which means competition can be fierce!  You've seen it too... just take a look at Facebook and Instagram.


The struggle was real... I never imagined how hard it would be to juggle wrangling the pets, getting the light right, and getting that perfect expression.  Not only can it be physically exhausting, but it’s hard to balance all the different aspects of being a pet photographer to get that perfect shot.  Wonder why other photographers avoid photographing pets and babies??  Because it's really HARD!


10 years into this journey, I've figured out a lot of things the hard way and through a lot of practice.  I know what works and what doesn't, and I want to help you out in a much shorter time frame.  If you like being covered in pet fur and possibly drool, then you were born to be a pet photographer!


can take an okay pet photo.

But pet photography can be so much more powerful. Great pet photography is about capturing those expressions that showcase that pet’s unique personality, while also nailing your posing and lighting.
Kim 2
That's me!

Don’t get me wrong… photographing pets can be a huge challenge. I know because I started out with no experience, minimal educational opportunities for pet photography, and the fear that my clients would know I had no idea what I was doing! I didn’t feel fully confident in my work for at least a year after going pro. That’s why I created Pet Photography Edu to help you overcome the same challenges I faced in a much smaller time frame.


Need more proof I know what I'm doing??  Since specializing in pets, I've become a:

  • Photographer of the Year from PPA three times
  • Master Photographer through PPA
  • Photographic Craftsman through PPA
  • Certified Professional Photographer
  • Platform speaker at PPA's Imaging USA, twice!
  • Elite PPA Member

2018 Photographer of the Year Images

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